TIA – Tim’s Inner Wisdom

In Chapter 15 of Carol’s Lives: Are There Fish in Your Ocean? I have written the following paragraphs:

Even though I had officially graduated from the Hypnotherapy school, and had received my diploma, I found that there was still so much to learn.

In those early weeks of my new career, I did not have many clients. I did have, however, plenty of time on hand in which to study and experiment. One day, I put Tim into a trance and invited his higher wisdom to come through. I didn’t exactly have a clear vision of what I was doing, but I decided to experiment on the idea of accessing “deeper wisdom” through a hypnotic state. As Tim’s breathing slowed, and his muscles softened, I instructed him to open his inner doorway leading to his “Inner Advisor”. Later, I would dub it TIA – Tim’s Inner Advisor.

The same voice as Tim’s spoke, but it was tempered with a calmer and more confident tone. With an unspeakable excitement in my own subconscious mind, I went ahead and presented the challenges of my new career, and asked for directions, steps, marketing, and structuring guidance. TIA answered all my questions and gave me extremely useful information about things I could start doing. To keep the objectivity of what flowed through the session, we both referred to me in the third person as ‘Kemila’. On a Soul level, TIA connected my business with my own character. It became very meaningful to me. Very soon, I had found that I had taken four full pages of session notes.

TIA really got me, understood me quite deeply, and unlike Tim, spoke my language. Significant as the messages were on many levels, they were also very practical. Soon after the session, I found myself implementing those very same ideas and steadily started moving forward in my new enterprise.

Here’s a video – my first-ever video – that was recorded in 2012, 10 years ago. I was very excited to start my youtube channel after receiving TIA’s advice illustrated in the book.
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