The book is easy to read, it’s deep, it makes you think, it’s romantic and eye-opening. Really enjoying this read.

Marie Millien

I just finished reading your new book, which I found fascinating on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your soul journey and congratulations on such a wonderful creation.

Linda T.

The book that you wrote is riveting and every day I look forward to the time that I will spend learning more about Carol’s Lives!!

Ron R.

Carol’s Lives… is beautiful. I mean it. It is also interesting as it is making this book a potential historical document and a foreshadowing of future events. It also relates to the overall theme as gender plays a huge role in this book!

Damien Kiely

Thank you for sharing the gift of Carol’s Lives with the world. It’s a very interesting story.

Melanie Christian

Just finished reading the book. I loved it. It flowed very well and kept me interested throughout. I liked the back and forth between the regressions and progressions and Kemila’s present love story. I found it all fascinating.

Heather Rivera Ph.D

Left a long-lasting impression…
The beautiful, intriguing, and very delicate story…
Thank you for being vulnerable and strong.
Now will be looking forward to seeing your next book!

Julia on