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Journey Beyond Productions

As was described in Chapter 15 Onto the Promised Path of Carol’s Lives. I had a dream of being a film producer. Following that dream, in 2008, I registered this business name, Journey Beyond Productions, for the purpose of making documentary films. That dream was never intrinsic, and the filmmaking was never materialized.

Little did I know that the company Journey Beyond Productions could be used very handily for publishing of my books. You can say that it is located in my living room. It has the contributions of me Kemila, my partner Tim, my book editor Melanie, Linda and Sandra, my book cover designer Silmara and Linda. And potentially others who will come into play and co-create.

So far Journey Beyond Productions has published one more book besides Carol’s Lives.

Past Life Regression: A Manual for Hypnotherapists to Conduct Effective Past Life Regression Sessions

The first edition was published in May 2015, and the second edition in December 2020.

A Complete Guidebook on Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. Past Life Regression can be recreational for some people, a way to satisfy their curiosity. For others, this modality has tremendous therapeutic value. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing can take place in a past life regression session. This book introduces many techniques, and covers them in detail, for how to conduct an effective Past Life Regression session. Kemila shares a lot of her casework as examples. This book is suitable for hypnosis professionals and interested members of the general public. It is full of scripts and reveals detailed step-by-step methods.

One day a friend told me this book was being talked about in  Past Life Regression practitioners’ Facebook group. I took two snapshots.

Follow this link to purchase the paper copy or many formats of E-book.

Next Projects

Many Blessings Will Come: Tales of Recovering Inner Commitments, Gifts and Wisdom Through Hypnotherapy

The first draft of the book is done. This book is undergoing editing in 2021.

Prepare to be facilitated by deep memories from deep recesses of the subconscious mind

Stories told from other times

How do we ever remember where we come from and who we are in total? What gifts and talents we bring with us in the deep recesses of our subconscious mind? What agreements have we made that we need to remember? What promises we can fulfill now or release?

This book offers 22 stories, or case studies, from Kemila’s hypnotherapy sessions in the length of 6 years. All spiritual regressions, or remembering, in nature. Start reading today, it may just inspire you to uncover, discover, or recover deep memories of your own.