Ladies in Lavender – A Movie I Watched on a Recent Flight

I have long learned not to wear mascara during a flight, for the convenience. A recent 11-hour flight saw me watching three movies. And one of them was Ladies in Lavender.

I can’t believe someone would make such an exquisitely beautiful movie!

We don’t know where that young man Andrea came from when he washed up on the beach. He could be a sailor, a prisoner, a passenger who had been swept off an ocean liner on the way to America, or a spy observing coastal activities – according to the local authority. But it doesn’t matter, does it?

The interest of the landscape painter, beautiful young lady Olga in him could lead to a typical romantic story. The audience expected that. She withdrew when he advanced. We don’t know that part of her story, why she would “lead on” but then withdraw. But it doesn’t matter, does it?

Ursula’s instant affection towards a stranger young man the age of her son could easily lead us to a past-life connection. Or at least, if you do that many past life regression sessions with people like I do. But no. It was not it. A strange love. The movie shows, but it doesn’t tell, and it doesn’t explain, because truly it doesn’t matter, does it?

A random music genius washed up to a random shore on a random after-storm morning saved by random old ladies…

I wept and wept, with other passengers closely around. I didn’t care. This is an other-worldly story with worldly music – beautiful violin! In the not so remotely 1930’s, watched by me from 11585m height at the speed of 705kmh.

Oh love. It hurts so much! And it needs no rescue.

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