Eurydice in Love

Currently, I am working on book number 4, a book about the soul of Thomas Jefferson. Who would have imagined? Not me. 

But it all started with this young man Alex Formos who walked into my office at the height of the COVID pandemic in January 2021. Many things started to change after that. 

One of the changes is that this same soul is putting up a show on April 8, 2023. We know on the soul level he is a writer, a performer, and an artist, though your impression might be more like a politician, that might just be an interesting one-off manifestation of the soul. But I’ll let you judge after you go to watch his show. 

Here’s a brief introduction to the event: 

Alexander Formos performs a very personal and intimate monologue play about the traumas of a female sex worker, drawing inspiration from the candid experiences he witnessed on the streets of Paris in the 1930s. Alexander will read both female and male poems, challenging the concepts of masculinity and femininity while exploring the complexity of human sexuality through of same-sex love and asexuality.

Each poem describes the traumas of two eternal soulmates and is preceded by a shamanic story of how the poem came to life. Each poem is created in collaboration with Spirits of Vancouver and Sechelt to act as a medicine song to heal the traumas of our shared Lands. During the play, the audience will participate in the shamanic ceremony of healing and female empowerment, celebrating the return of divine feminine energies.

To read more information and get your tickets ($0-$50) here:

Alex has been working on those poems for the past two years and he is now ready to share them with the world. They have healed him on his journey, and maybe they can help you too to dispel the negative energies around you? 

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