Being a Cosmic Cab Driver

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Mimi N, the enthusiastic and energized organizer of the Vancouver UFO meet-up group. In the interview,  we spent a lot of time talking about Carol’s Lives.

Here’s what Mimi had to say about the interview:

Kemilla Zsange is the #1 Hypnotherapist in Vancouver working with people involved in the UFO phenomena. We asked her for an interview because she has helped a number of people on this membership list and we wanted to thank her for her courage and compassion.

In this show, we discuss the efficacy of hypnosis to get at core memories that individuals have hidden inside. She talks about her methods and some case studies that have been unique and powerful and have nudged her forward in her life’s mission.

She is the author of two books, “Past Life Regression: A Manual for Hypnotherapists to Conduct Effective Past Life Regression Sessions” and her new book “Carol’s Lives, A Memoir“. In this show, Kemila gives us a glimpse of how this book came to be. She weaves together the intricacies of these three storylines but with the same two souls – in the 1920’s of New York City, in the new century of Vancouver, how they have met, how they meet again, and how hypnotic trances were used for their exploration.

A Case Study:

Even though hypnotically I have worked with many abductees, I was surprised to know that we already have hybrid children among us. Yes, Audrey was born here on Earth, but she has memories of the lab on a Gray ship, and both of her parents have memories of being abducted. It is easy to link all these up and imagine how Audrey’s genetic markers were slightly altered toward more expression of the hybrid beings who may eventually come to live among us.

Yes, maybe they are now already walking among us, wandering through our society. They carry a hybrid frequency. It is easy to pick up Audrey’s vibe and know that she is a little bit unusual, different. Maybe she’s here to get us used to the hybrid vibration so that we get a flavour, a taste, a hint of that frequency. The dreams that Audrey constantly has are when she communicates with what’s “out there”. Meanwhile, as a precursor, she is here to help our society acclimate to different energies so she can be used as a barometer, an intermediary being, to gauge our response to that energy, to see how we are capable, or not, to integrate that energy within ourselves, and to pave the way for the hybrid children to come in the future. This allows a future smoother acclimation within society, after we are vibrationally compatible to their energy for integration.

Maybe that’s part of the plan for Audrey to become known through her acting, after that she said she will write a book, something about surviving – that is the way to convey the messages she receives.

After Audrey left my office, I felt a strange little dizziness. For a long time, It made me think about worlds out of our own, in a very light way, something out of this place.

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