What is it?

Carol’s Lives – Is it a memoir? Or is it a fictional book where everything has really happened? Paradoxical it may sound, the point is made for you to read the book yourself, and make the judgment yourself.

Where are we?

Currently, we have finished editing the book and it is going through the final proofreading.

The Orange Lamp House Studio has designed our book cover.

And the book scheduled to be published by Journey Beyond Production in the fall of 2020.

Pre-order this book here


We’ll make the first chapter of the book¬†¬†available for download for free soon


Kemila Zsange has a natural expression of writing. Words are fascinating for her and how they came to her is synchronistic at its best.

Kemila has a hypnotherapy private practice in Vancouver, BC and via Skype worldwide.

She also hosts varieties of workshops locally in West End, Vancouver.